Monday, January 14, 2013

diy pouch/bag with leather tassel

as an interior designer i have bags and bags of fabric and leather samples that i accumulate over the years. i found these beautiful ralph lauren samples and decided to make a few small bags.

oh, by the way, i don't sew. i know how, kinda, but i don't really sew so if there is a better way to do something i'd love to hear. pretty much if it will make anything easier, i'm all about the easy breezy!

aren't these samples great? they are pretty small maybe 12" x12" and 9"x9"

this is just to stop any fraying on the edges

i would sew your leather behind your cut out at this point. i set it aside and did the zipper first but it would be easier to sew your leather piece in first.
zippers are hard to figure out. i don't feel i did the best job but i have a million samples to 
practice on (so basically what i'm saying is that you are all getting pouches for the next 10 holidays....yay right?? don't worry boys i will make them like fashionable man type bags....)

you can also hand stitch it on if you 're nervous about shifting fabric. be sure to sew it on the front side so you can see that you are sewing a clean even stitch.
now you basically have your pouch so you can start on your tassel

i rolled my tassel on the suede side so that i had a little contrast between the leather heart and the tassel.
i was seriously shocked at how easy these were to make

i just used a 2nd small thin strip of leather to tie the loop from the tassel onto the eye of the zipper
i actually love this one and am gonna use it today!

hope this gets your creative juices flowing coz ya know what?? it's monday!!!!!
did all those exclamation points make it any easier on ya? hmm...didn't think so but hey, only 4 more days til friday!! yay!