Wednesday, January 16, 2013

humpday and the shimmy!

apparently wednesday is the most productive day of the week. makes sense.

monday, that poor girl, she really gets no love whatsoever. i've said this before, it's not her fault she is the first workday. but she is usually the most hated day of the week. i'm sorry monday. i try to show you the love. if you were 2nd like tuesday people would be a little more accepting.

tuesday sorta slips by. people never say, "ugggh, it's tuesday!!!" tuesday is so under the radar. tuesday is probably a man.

wednesday, aka: humpday. wednesday is where we all start to see the aloha friday horizon. we get a lil pep in our step. halfway there, halfway through.

thursday we (well, me) shimmy our way through knowing that tomorrow is aloha friday.
myself, i get a little giddy. friday means no work til monday!
i start to think of my yoga pants (which really are just a minor step up from house mama sweats), my lazy mornings where i am not woken up by ryan seacrest playing "gangnam style" (dear ryan, i am tempted to move that music alarm switch right on over to that annoying buzz switch if this madness doesn't stop! enough already!)and the quiet hum of my house as my littles lazily emerge one by one from their rooms.

well, here i go, wearin clothes, gettin stuff done. maybe i will get so productive that i will start my shimmy a lil early this week...

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