Monday, January 21, 2013

a lil monday d.i.y. - cork coasters

hello monday and good morning y'all.

i'm brain dead today. really. so as i am having a hard time creating a real sentence (did you see i just made the word "really" a sentence back there) i'm gonna show you these fun cork coasters i made last week-end.

i bought a ton of the plain cork coasters last summer from hobby lobby online and forgot about them. well, one fell out when i opened my craft closet (my littles are totally on board with putting things away properly in the craft closet) and i decided to take my chalk pen- same one i used here and just did a lil drawing.

originally i was gonna make a set for a friend but...yea, i forgot. now my littlest little wants us to keep them here. her fav is the l.a. one...

this would be a great project to do with littles because there is really no staining or mess involved- not like dyeing easter eggs- ugggh, don't get me started on how much i hate dyeing easter eggs....