Friday, January 4, 2013

gilded votives diy and a lil moon-walking

"YAY! i'm so excited to be back to work"-said nobody ever!!!

what i'd like to do is a bit more of the magnificence you see below! i love how these turned out.

i had read that you can take a gold sharpie and write on glass and saw it done with a doilie. well, i have tons of doilies and have wanted to give it a try. 
enter: dollar tree glass whatever's (i think some actually are votives, some may be glasses, i dunno.)

they turned out really great however, silver sharpies don't give that same gilded look like gold does (well, obviously) but i only had a gold metallic writer so i used that instead. 
i think it turned out beautifully. much better than i think an actual gold sharpie would.

oh, side note, did you know that at jo-ann's fabrics they have to put a lock on their sharpies? 
they said kids steal them all the time?? any color. they all get stolen. i was like, huh? it's a 3 dolla pen!!! 
 oh, and when the guy unlocked the pen he couldn't give it to me to put in my basket-it had to be taken up to the register to wait for me when i checked out. 
i felt like a criminal! and not the cool michael jackson smooth type criminal either. there was definitely NO moon walking involved. 
i swear. well, later in the day there was a bit but not in jo-ann's and not sharpie involved.

i mean, can we not steal sharpies kids??
okay, so back to the magnificence! 

here is what ya need:

-adhesive spray (lightly spray this-enough so edges get the sticky love but not so much where it seeps-it'll be a problem)
-plain glass anything 
-doilies aplenty
-gold metallic marker (i'm tellin ya, skip the sharpie, use the metallic gold pens)

cut your doilie to however you want-spray the back and affix
start to fill in the openings with your pen
should look like this- don't color over the entire thing in case the gold pen seeps under the doilie
peel off the doilie once you've colored all the holes. it may not all peel off easy- it's fine because you will let it dry for about 3 hours and then run it under warm water and just lightly rub the adhesive away. if the gold partially comes off just free hand it back on in those areas.
the square one in front is my littlest littles silver sharpie one- and the 2 in the back were done with the gold writer.
looks gilded and was so easy!

so, i pretty much have been looking at everything glass wondering if i could draw on it (while moon-walking) and not be in trouble...i have realized 2 things. 
i will still get in trouble at my age for writing on glass and i'm still a day-umm good moon-walker at my age. 
yes, i'm tootin' those horns this aloha friday! yeah!!!!