Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the devil made me do it...

i'm sitting here tonight trying to watch the bachelor before the hawaiian gets home. he hates monday nights because it's on and i gotta watch.
is it bad that i watch it mostly for the mean girls and cat fights? 
i love to gasp and murmur, "if my daughter ever!!....." 

anyway, got myself all off subject there. not that i have a real subject planned here but i will show you a really fun girl gift idea!! yay right?!

my biggest littles friend elizabeth (whoa, say that 10 times fast) loves eos lip balm. so, my girl decided she wanted to get a pretty glass jar and fill it up for her birthday gift. such a cute idea but uh, ya know, i am always looking at things wondering if it just might be a lil cuter with some glitter, or possibly some custom glass etching maybe??

i have been wanting to use my glass etch solution for foreva' but have you read the label on that stuff? scared the hecks outta me! 
it basically says, "if you let this burning, devil like solution touch you, you do it at your own risk and we are not responsible for your skin falling off your hand nor your stupidity!" signed, the caring glass etching solution factory workers. (they are so rude!) 

well, i like to look the devil in the eye and say, "uh, i have rubber gloves sucka!!"
so, after i did all that, i started my project.....

i used my cricut machine and made a huge 'e' then stuck it on the glass

then you just put on them there pretty gloves and paint. 

seriously though, that solution will start to burn off whatever it is touching so wear the pretty gloves.
let that chemical warfare solution sit for 15 minutes or so and wash off. peel off the sticker and feel all professional and artist-like because you earned it. 
that was dangerous work!

oh, i got all kinds of excited and started grabbing random glass containers.
i am slightly worried about how many plain glass containers i was hoarding....but look how handy they became!

you can't see the etching in the pic but it's cute, just trust me on this one. cute.

i hope i didn't scare you off from glass etchin, it's not that dangerous really. i was being dramatic but just wear the gloves k?....