Tuesday, January 15, 2013


love that my sister is coming to visit from the east coast this week-end
hate that she has to leave

love that my littlest little is on a pretty great tournament soccer team
hate that i raised my hand to do the paperwork for each and every tournament. slap me.

love my morning coffee
hate that i have to wake up to get to it. sleep and me are real tight

love that ikea sells the best cones ever and that it's completely acceptable (it is!) to go in your slippers
hate ikea trips

love maui-it obviously loves me
hate that i don't live there

love these shoes
hate that they made my foot look big

love jumping in fountains
hate that it's probably frowned upon and that's why nobody else will get in with me. it's a good time, y'all should try it.

linking up with my awesome girl noel. she is from seattle. need i say more?