Tuesday, January 22, 2013

nice to meet you!

today i am co-hosting the nice to meet you blog hop. yay! 
thanks mariely and brenna for letting me in on your fun this week!

before you link up and start makin new friends I thought I would share with you what I did sunday night...
i know, i gets all kinds of car-a-zay! some may even say downright wild!

 my son.with a beard. whoa.
 my mom. with a beard. whoa.
my dad. my dad thinks he should replace mr. grant. he thinks he looks stellar.
 my Hawaiian. he barely put up with the 20 shots i took to make this look just right.
 he looks like a vampire huh?!

my cat. im pretty sure he is plotting my death right now.
geez! relax much feline??!
Oh the fun you can have with fiddy bucks or a mere twenny dolla bill!!
thanks for reading, thanks for linking and nice to meet ya!!!
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