Wednesday, January 29, 2014

bad blog mom saying hey!

if my blog was a child it would be taken away.
i would be required to complete some sort of bad blog mom classes before i was handed my blogs password and log-in info again.

i won't even pretend and lie and swear that i'll be good. that i'll change. that i won't neglect this blog again.
because i will be neglectful. i, uh, actually have plans to ignore this blog tomorrow as well.

but for today i wanted to say hi and report that there isn't much to report. oh, other than my littlest little threw up at the soccer field the other morning. how not awesome is a sick kid on a week-end?
actually she spewed her dinner from the night before and her breakfast all in the parking lot while cars were parking and an opponent was walking past right at the exact moment.
that's how my kid rolls.
she'll puke as you walk by. it's a scare tactic really. lets her opponent know that she's germy so when she has the ball, take note that she will puke on you.
i'd let you score on me all day long if you puked in front of me.
unfortunately, we had to take her home and she didn't get to play in her first all star tournament of the season.

my middle little has been as cool as he always is. gingers evoke a kind of quiet smoothness.
i'm not talking MAD magazine gingers, they tend to be more "hey, look at me i'm the funny guy", but a deep red, gray eyed ginger like mine is smooth ya know, like a ginja-ninja. smooth. that's the only way i can explain.

my biggest little is in college. i know this because i just paid for it.
kids, get scholarships please. it's a nice way of thanking your parents for paying for everything else in your life up to that college point. i can pretty much assure you they will love you more IF you get scholarships. don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

so, all in all you haven't missed much.
puke, ginja smoothness and college.
don't be envious of me now.
unless of course your son happens to find a chip that he reports is the exact shape of your face...

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