Monday, October 14, 2013

sweet october memories

this is the face of a girl that falls fast in love.
wally the goat will let himself fall into your arms, snuggle, and lay his head on you all for a little love. 
i'm not gonna tell you that we didn't think about smuggling wally out in my purse. 
we wondered how well it would go over if we brought a goat home. we pictured him in our home, we pictured explaining his presence in our home. 

some days i think this little girl and i were meant to live on a farm.

visiting this farm with it's pumpkin patch, corn maze and small zoo is one of the highlights of my family's october.
this year we somehow managed to get through the corn maze in under an hour. hello master mazers up in here!! 
there is something about that sunday in october being spent here that truly kicks off autumn for us. somehow it's just not time until we visit the farm, conquer that maze, eat loads of kettle corn, snuggle several farm animals and buy a few pumpkins.
i can safely report it's time. happy autumn!

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