Monday, October 21, 2013

pumpkin envy cure and how to not cut off a finger

when you live where it's still really warm in october you can't really carve your pumpkins til maybe 3 days before halloween.
well, that doesn't really work for me. either does a moldy pumpkin on my porch.

oh, you can keep your cold october. i came here for a reason ya know and she's big, yellow, round and loves me back. believe it.

i've seen so many great pumpkin creations out there this year and we try to control our pumpkin envy as we sit and wait for it to be time here for us. by mid october i can't wait to start carving our pumpkins!
ya know, i'm totally lying.
i hate the carving part, i just want to roast the seeds. i'm actually on high stress alert the entire time my kids are stabbing and jabbing their pumpkins. they are gripping that large knife and their little fingers are slipping dangerously close while trying to hold on to that slippery pumpkin. high stress alert!

anyway, the littles and i decided it was a good idea to buy small and mini pumpkins and just do whatever we wanted that didn't involve carving.
well, a lil paint, glitter and metal later we ended up here, exactly where a lil paint, glitter and metal should take you....

i love how the gold "dipped" pumpkin turned out. i've seen people go about it a few ways but i'll just explain the genius behind mine.
well, not really 'genius' but i like to use that word in a sentence as much as possible when talking about myself. try it, you'll feel amazing.

step 1:
spray paint pumpkin white (or buy pumpkin already white- the 'genius' mighta saved herself a step here, ahem.)

step 2:
once white paint is dry, rip a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the top of your pumpkin making sure it's wrapped pretty tight. leave out the bottom part you want to be gold "dipped". 
*i like to tear my aluminum by hand so the edge is uneven as shown above.

step 3:
starting at the top where the stem is you will hold your pumpkin at an angle and with your metallic gold spray paint you will spray in a downward motion while keeping foil tightly in place. don't spray back and forth.
just start at top, spray downward in a single stroke and then start over again at the top and repeat until one side of your pumpkin is done. let pumpkin lay on it's side and dry.
once dry, repeat with other side and then lastly, spray the bottom, unwrap the foil and leave pumpkin sitting on a square of tin foil to dry.

step 4:
if any of your gold got under the foil you can just take a small paintbrush and do touch ups when it's all dry.

of course you could just tape it off and then spray the gold which will give you a straight edge. 
i prefer the uneven look, almost like a gold peel.

next year i should remember to do these with the fake pumpkins so that i can keep them, although i guess picking out the perfect pumpkins is part of the fun!
well, that was our week-end, along with 2 soccer games, football, some baking (coming soon), eye appointments, peanut butter-always peanut butter, and some walking dead. how was your week-end??

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