Wednesday, October 9, 2013

walking girl

it's wednesday! which means 4 more days til walking dead.
i am ob-sessed!
i've had a countdown going since it was 99 days out so 4 looks like it's practically in a minute!
if you don't watch i would suggest sittin' on down with a friend, coz you will need to discuss, and catch up on the first 3 seasons. it's on netflix.

my littlest little and i love daryl. i mean, if all else fails, hide behind daryl right? just know that if anything, and i mean ANYTHING happens to daryl, my house will riot!
actually my littlest little and i discuss zombies quite a bit. she told me that if we had an apocalypse that i shouldn't feel badly but that she would have to go with dad to ensure her best chances of survival. uh, i'm going with dad too little girl!!
please, mama didn't raise no damn fool!

none of the talk above has anything to do with today's 'what i wore wednesday' post but it's in 4 days people! 4 days!!! and what else can really be said anyway? i am wearing camo's, a tank, converse and a rhinestone necklace. not as interesting to discuss than walking dead.

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