Wednesday, October 2, 2013


"the please line",  is a line of clothing curated by a husband and wife team in marysville, washington. being a girl that was born and raised in marysville i am so happy to support the please line, and truly it's their message that is such a powerful one.

one of the golden magic words.   
the word that if prefaced with what we would like, or wish for, or need, the thought is that we will receive it.
that may not always be true and that may not be the best way to go about getting what we want, wish for or need, but it sure makes you feel good to say it.
please is often forgotten or left out as we go about our busy lives, rambling through our days demanding what we want, forgetting that simple yet oh so important word.

today i wear my please shirt and hope that we can bring back and use this word, one want, wish and need at a time. remembering that good social behavior starts with a 'p' and ends with an 'e'. remembering that while we are all buried in the internet, typing and texting more than talking, we forget to release that magic word and make it mean something.

my please? to find a cure for breast cancer.

want to be a part of the please movement?
you can purchase please apparel and help give please the comeback it so deserves.
i love my shirt and how soft it is, my littlest little has already stolen it from me and worn it to school and kids at school are already asking about it so ya see, it works!
don't just wear it, share it. please.

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