Thursday, December 20, 2012

awkward family photo 2012

the last time we had a (professional) family photo taken you ask?? ......hmmmm....crickets, crickets.

here's the deal. i gave up long ago trying to keep faces clean and hair-did's all in place.
i gave up. 

this year i have decided that if you wanna give me some crazy family photo, wear shoes or not, show up in your afro wig without a shirt, put the bunny ears up over my head or just text the entire time then that is what the people will get in their mailboxes. 

yep, us. 
unedited, in all our glory.

however, mama will make you wear matching sweater vests that are farrrr from cute. 
oh, and p.s. i know you like to make fun of my antique marionette dolls but i like them! 
watch it or i may just lay one beside you in bed so you will wake up next to it. 
im not above scarring my children.....keeps therapists in business.

our awkward family photo 2012.

*special thanks to Oatmeal the cat for wearing the mini santa hat with beard, for not running away and for putting up with your strange 2 legged's.