Friday, December 14, 2012

my iphones eye

i haven't done a "what my phone saw" post for so long and a few people have told me they are their fav's...hmmm...who knew??

living in l.a. you can't help but get some pretty fun photos so without further ado and with aloha friday on the brain here ya are!
umm...okay, here goes nuthin'!

bro, i promise nobody is gonna steal your turquoise purse

l.a. has robots- what's your city got huh? huh?

so true

occasionally i will lose mine so this is good to know


what? my ears get cold....

no, you're pulled up all the way, go ahead and park

prettiest sunset from my front door

so ready for the apocalypse

does this bark make my butt look big???

middle little and an afternoon text

have a heckuva week-end ya hear??!!