Monday, June 3, 2013

hello monday

it's time again to say hello to monday.

first i wannna quickly apologize to my blog. i feel so badly for ignoring you all week last week. i hope you forgive me, it's not lack of interest but simply lack of time. i'll be back in full swing soon after i do life for a bit. 

so, on to my hello's-

hello little girl who decided to go and grow 18 years in front of my eyes. i'm lying when i say i cant wait to watch you grow 18 more because truthfully i would like to bottle you up and keep you tiny.

 hello skinny little legs that played 3 soccer games this week-end that ran and ran and ran.

 hello santa barbara boxer sisters. she would have stayed and let you lean on her all day.

hello baby ducks sitting on the lily pads outside our hotel room. this is like where's waldo-do you see them?

hello tattoo shop. i tried to make her wait but after 2 years of wanting and an age that's legal, here we are...

hello favorite new video that has made me laugh and waste loads of time watching you over and over. not gonna lie, i've "cut the noose and got loose", in sherman oaks, santa barbara, la brea....taking this on the road!
prancercise video- well worth every.single.second.

my mondays are never nearly as fabulous as lisa's- check it out.
have a great monday!!