Friday, May 24, 2013

good morning aloha friday!

i've called this 'meeting' together today because, well, it's friday of course and it's a 3 day week-end! yayaya!

first, because this is the most important item on today's agenda, happy aloha friday!!

i think it should be a light workload today for y'all, and if it isn't, make it that way! or fake it that way. whatever you're best at.

i'm sayin goodbye to my week, which started kinda sucky but has ended really great! take THAT monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday!
it's amazing how friday can come in and kick all those other days booties simply with it's presence.  it's so bad-ass that friday!

 that's not very welcoming. the cat decided to christen my new welcome mat...
 the smug killa'
 got the hawaiian and the little to the nail salon for pedi's. not sure how comfortable he is...
 we saw this on our walk. this actually made me sad. i guess someone is done with their puppy.
you will never stop gettin bunny pics from me. i won't even apologize. he is damn cute right?!

and just because...
you got that song in your head now huh?
meeting adjourned!