Wednesday, May 15, 2013

don't let your phone go nakey!!

lately i have been so completely into matching my iphone case to my outfit.
mostly this is because my biggest little started her own business where she makes custom studded iphone cases.
it's awesome having all these fun cases in so many colors and designs at my disposal!

when i get dressed in the morning i have literally been planning my outfits around what case my phone is gonna wear.

is that crazy?
i feel like it is just as important as my jewelry because our phone's are pretty attached to us, at least mine is between work and 3 kids mama's gotta be in contact ya know?.

just in the last week this is what my phones been wearing:

double studded cross
infinity heart
anchor (my fast fav!)

thank you design candii, aka: my biggest little, for making my iphone pretty every day of the week!

***currently she is having a promo, (yep, fancy word for SALE!! - got your attention now huh?!) every case, aside from the cases sold in sets of 2, or the bunny case are just $20 bucks each through the end of the week!!

Go check it out, choose your case size (iphone 4 or 5) choose your design, choose your case color and the lastly your stud color.
i think today i'm gonna do the peace sign!!
peace out!!