Monday, May 6, 2013

week-end pics and an indian wedding that i didn't crash, i mean attend

here we are again monday.
how'd you get here so fast?
do you not have any manners at all or know when you are not yet wanted?

my week-end in pics.

 friday night in the valley-81 degrees at 9pm. love that!

saturday morning 7am. - pit stop before heading to huntington beach for a soccer tourney

our hotel was across from the beach and beautiful.
side note: poolside service is my favorite invention

there was an authentic indian wedding taking place at our hotel, i promise i didn't CRASH this one. i think i may have stood out a little too much but yes, the thought crossed my mind....
*note to self: always always pack your sari!
 not a bad place to play soccer right?

girls start warming up once we get on the sand.

our 12 and 13 year old girls learn they were somehow placed up a division and are competing against 15 year olds all week-end. 
although this wasn't a fair match up they didn't complain but played like they wanted it.
that's my blondie there waiting to get in.
such a fun week-end and a small mini vacay filled with sand, lime mojitos and soccer.
hope your week-end was great, here's to monday turning into friday reaaaaal fast!