Thursday, August 2, 2012

wedding crashers

that's right. its on my bucket list (coming soon and growing every day) and when the opportunity presents itself and its so so clear how does one just simply walk away???

it was a saturday afternoon and my friend erin and i were poolside in palm springs.
that in itself may be my favorite sentence ever
anyway, we had decided that we wanted to write down our bucket lists.
i have had a working list in my head for a few years and have completed some of the items. it felt like it was time to put them on paper and make it happen.

erin and i had some similar items and we also had some very different items like publish a novel (hers) or have my own textile line (mine). i told her how i wanted to crash a wedding or a few. like walk right in and just get a drink, maybe dance a few songs, get a few photos. she wrote it on my side of the list. i told her how she would be doing this with me because we needed to do it together. im a really good influence like that.

we continued to add to our lists.
travel to india, touch the coliseum walls in rome, visit my grandparents grave with my children, live in a flat in italy, take cake decorating we added to the list we heard beautiful music start playing in the distance. we were staying at the miramonte resort in indian wells so we thought pretty music was happenin' for our listening and relaxing poolside pleasure.

we looked up toward a far off balcony and saw a wedding party was assembling and being seated at that very moment. how could the timing be so perfect?!! there i had it-my very first crasher opportunity!

now listen, i know this is a brides day. she dreams of this and plans for it and envisions pure perfection so when i say i wanna crash it i mean this with all due respect. i would never, ever even think of ruining anything or making a big commotion.

honestly in my 'wedding crash mind' the bride would never even know i was there.
i had no made up story of how i was old aunt susan's youngest daughter from daddy's side. i was goin' in blind!

off we went gathering our stuff to go attend our wedding. back in the room we started to get all wedding pretty and talked about how we would just go in and scope it out.

here we are on the way.

i know. i know what you're thinking, i went with the unsuspecting over sized bun and bright coral dress.
nothing says i belong here and blend like, "the bun" right?

as we rounded the corner erin started to get a little nervous and was unsure this was our crash moment. i had to just keep her moving. and guess what? she did it. she even asked one of the ushers if he would mind taking our photos.
 bam! checkmygirl!

we were laughing and nervous and wishing we had the guts to stay longer. maybe if the wedding party was larger than 100 or so guests we could of blended in a little more and stayed a little longer.

right before this picture the bride looked over (i guess the dress color and mutha of all buns does stand out) and looked at us, then right past us.
she was so happy and so beautiful and so enjoying her perfect day.
we felt honored to share this moment with them and will never forget our first crash.
then we quickly scurried away!

hear that sound? somethin' just crashed!!-check!