Friday, August 10, 2012

aloha friday-oh, and i was nominated for the sunshine award

 normally for aloha friday i wrap up my week and write about all the things that are awesome and the aloha i have received throughout the week.
well, sapir from smellthewildflowers happened to nominate me for the sunshine award. how sweet right? thank you sapir, you made my aloha friday!
so really anything else i might share with you would pale in comparison coz i got questions to answer up in here!

1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Answer the following questions about yourself
3. Choose 10 bloggers you follow and link their blogs to your post
4. Be sure to let them know that you are nominating them for the award
5. Copy and paste the award to your blog!

1. Favorite Color? I would have to say yellow because its so bright and cheery, but i never wear yellow because i don't think its the most complimentary with my skin tone which is white with a tint of white and white undertones.

2. Favorite Animal? Monkeys! i actually think i may have married my husband because he kinda sorta might  look slightly like a monkey- so cute!

3. Favorite number? 
tough one. 7?
did i just ask you there?

4. Favorite Drink? gonna go with coffee. i can't start my day without it so it deserves the honor of being my fav. im actually one of those people that cant wait to go to bed because i know when i wake up i get coffee- yaya!

5. Facebook or Twitter? im goin' with facebook. my daughter set up a twitter account for me a few years ago and i have never used it because i don't get it. im still trying to figure out how to "grab buttons", one thing at a time here.

6. Good Book or Good Movie?  
book! love when i find something worth spending my precious free time doing. whats free time you say? oh, its those 10 minutes before you nod off and drool on your kindle.

7. My Passion. this is a funny question. my UPS guy asked me this about a month ago. yes, my UPS guy likes to hang about and ask me questions. this was one of his. i had no real answer. i have lots of things i love to do but passion? gonna make it my mission to come up with a passion. coz i got nuthin' over here!

8. Giving or Getting Gifts? personally im a giver. i have always loved to pick out special things for people. i am not so good at putting those special things in an envelope and/or box and actually getting them to the person. im working on my gift giving follow through.

9. Favorite Day? oh, must you even ask?! why that would be aloha friday!!! everything is better on aloha friday. you can read all about aloha friday on my blog. if you aren't on the aloha train i would do somethin' about that like, yesterday! or do you mean favorite day ever? i cant really answer that-do i pick my wedding day, the day i had my babies? those seem too typical right? ok, let's just go with aloha friday. done.

10. Favorite Flower? i love hydrangeas.they have always been a fav but another contender might be the hawaiian pikake flower-tiny but so sweet smelling.

  the 10 blogs i nominate are:











these are really fun blogs and if you are unfamiliar go check 'em out- im sure you will love to read up on them daily just as much as i do! 
go on now- click the link!

to my fabulous nominees:
 of course there is no obligation to participate, but if you do please send me the link to your blog post - I would love to read your answers coz i think you're pretty awesome!