Monday, August 6, 2012

marilyn-50 years later.....

yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the death of marilyn monroe.
this shocked me. fifty years? that seems crazy.

a little something most don't know about me.
i've had a slight obsession with marilyn monroe since the 4th grade, i even dressed up as her for halloween when i was 12 years old. when all other kids my age were getting on the bus in their witches and wonder woman costumes i was stepping on in my heels, glitter dress and blonde bob wig.
can you believe kids actually asked who i was?? psssht, i mean, heeeelllo, whaddya live in a cave?!!!

somehow the local mall (wassup Everett mall) asked me come to one of their evening fundraiser events as marilyn and introduce the president of some company to the crowd.
well, of course i will!!!!
i got all into character. i stepped up to the mic to give the introduction and in my best sexy 12 year old voice i started to sing, "happy birthday mr. president"... (im so freakin' embarrassed even recalling this story) then, stopped mid sentence and in my best dumb blonde voice said, "ooops, wrong president".
i got some laughs, totally thought i rocked it and really felt like ms. monroe for the evening.
gawd i was a weird kid!

when i was being the 12 year old marilyn the real marilyn had already been gone 23 years. its crazy how she could be so influential 23 years and even today 50 years later and on a young girl nonetheless.

i tried to remember back to what i found so captivating about marilyn at such a young age and i cant put my finger on it. i wasn't really aware of the whole jfk scandal until much later so that held no interest.
i believe i just thought she was beautiful.
she looked so ethereal in all her photos. she never really seemed real to me and yet i was influenced enough to dress as her at halloween and, by the way, take it way seriously.

i just couldn't let the day go without a little ode to norma jean. sometimes, lights go out early but her flame still burns bright- or whatever elton said.
i'm being weird again aren't i?.