Thursday, August 30, 2012

say my name, say my name....

yesterday i went to go pick up my suburban from the body shop (yep, the body shop-that's a whole different post about 17 year old drivers we will save for a rainy day...) and when i went in i had the loveliest reception from the guy at one of the desks.

it was really nice. you're walking in getting ready to write that $500 deductible check so already you're rollin' in not super excited right?

so, the guy has a huge smile and from his seat at his desk bellows out, "hey, you're kendra right?" without waiting for me to answer he exclaims, "you're on our short list for baby names", and proudly points to a girl at the next desk over.
girl smiles and points to her baby bump which basically just looked like maybe she had a large thanksgiving dinner the night before-i mean seriously, am i the only one that looked like the grinch with a round low slung belly when i was pregnant?

pregnant me (minus the fur and i wore clothing-most days)

up she jumps and comes to the front desk and with a slight roll of the eyes proceeds to tell me that how after i dropped my car off the week prior all she has heard about is, 'how nice that kendra girl was and wouldn't that be a great baby name for them?!'  she leaned in close to me and said, "that was after he commented on how he liked how you had your hair and how maybe i should try the bobby pinned bangs on my hair. i reminded him i have done that before and he never liked it." with another eye roll and a fairly impressive sigh she said, "yep, we may have a little crush here, i will have to see what the real story is later, i will get to the bottom of it. anyway, so how do you like your name kendra?"

uh....i stammered. i'm sure my eyes were humongous. i was actually unsure how to answer. is she annoyed that her husband may have a crush on the girl with the jacked up suburban bumper or was she cool and they had that sort of 'i will call your ass out in front of strangers' playful relationship?

i went with the latter and as i glanced past her to see her husband (yep, still smiling pretty darn huge back there at his desk) i gave her a yes??? i realize it was more of a question. i wasn't sure if she wanted me to answer yes or no. you don't mess with preggo chicks. you just don't. i know the capabilities of a hormonal soon to be momma annoyed at her husband. i mean, it's HIS fault she is in the condition she is in in the first place!
im with you girl!!!!

anyway, her face softened and she smiled. phew! she started to tell me how she has literally spent the last 3 or 4 days saying my name and rhyming it with every possibility to ensure her little kendra could never be made fun of on the playground.
hmmmm...interesting and only slightly uncomfortable.
i looked around the office and every person was looking up at me. honestly, they were probably thinking, 'who in the heck is this kendra girl we have all had to help pregnant co-worker girl rhyme crap with all week?!"
i think as much as smiling daddy to be liked me everyone else just wanted me to pick up my new sparkly suburban and drive safely off into the future.

momma to be then asked me if i had ever been made fun of for my name. i told her never and that i genuinely liked my name. i did decide to leave out the information that there is a dumb shit playboy bunny and pretty begrimed looking porn star with my name only because the timing just didn't feel right.
i stand by that choice.

i hope they choose my name. i am honored that i left that good of an impression in the 5 minutes it took to drop off my car the week prior that i would even be on mr. dad's short list. i guess it pays to always try to be pleasant huh??
my name has been good to me over the years, i can't recall ever wishing i had been named anything else, even through the whole farrah fawcett craze and that's huge- check out those feathers!
kinda makes you wish your name was farrah huh?