Saturday, March 31, 2012

excuse me, that was my name first....

in trying to set this blog up i wasn't having a whole lotta luck. between the playboy bunny and the porn star my name was pretty much taken up. seriously, there is a porn star named kendra kay. greeeeeeat. what's really messed up is that some of you are probably opening up a new tab right now to google "kendra kay". really? can't just take my word for it?
ya back? cool.

about 6 or 7 years ago i dropped my last name on my business cards and just went with kendra kay. handing a client a business card had begun to turn into a 5 minute convo every time.

-"oh, cool name. is that uh, is that hawaiian?"
-"yes it is."
-they stare blankly at me until i say, "my husband is hawaiian".
-"ahhh...i was gonna say you don't look hawaiian." chuckle-(why is this always the next line and why is it funny?)
-"so how do i say this uh last name here" holding my card up to the sky as if that will be helpful in the pronunciation process
-"oh, it's actually really easy just sound it out like pa-hu-koa"
-"pakaloka-very cool." (here we go again)
-"no, no, pa-hu-koa. you just say it phonetically and its perfect."
-"oh, right, pahowkooa."
-"um, closer, but ya know, just break it down".....( did my husband explain this his whole life???)

get it now?
and i love my last name, c'mon, it is pretty cool sounding. i recall it was maybe my second year of marriage where this newspaper article came out about my husband shane and the headline read, "the one that beats the drum". I read it and was like, "ohhhh, cool but you don't play the drums, do they know that?" well, that's the day i learned what our last name meant. i couldn't believe i had never asked. all the books i had poured through in naming our firstborn and  i had never asked about our last name. every hawaiian name means something really beautiful and "the one that beats the drum??" how kick ass is that?!!

 if you close one eye, stand on your head and squint real hard don't 
 we kinda look like kendra and hank? no? nothing? dang- tough crowd.

so i may have to share my first name with a bunny and a porn star but i get to chill out next to this hot hawaiian man and share his slammin' cool last name for the rest of my life. whose complainin'?!
you are now free to go google the porn star but do come back and check in once in awhile okay?