Friday, March 23, 2012

aloha friday

in honor of aloha friday here is my list of awesome things from the week:

-palm springs week end is all booked-ahhh...i am already poolside in my mind. now where is that cabana boy??

-the new 16 and pregnant season started! yea! love that show especially since it's not my 16 year old on there!

-we had boy band dance song day today (we tried to do boy band dance hour but couldn't last past 1 song so we compromised)- it's our new friday thing at work.

-i can see a difference on my crows feet with the new face creams i bought for a ridiculous amount of moolah. i can't share how much ridiculous amount was because then i would have to allow you all to sucker punch me one by one by one....

-decided on a real work out regime (this girl hasn't seen the inside of a gym since high school) and honestly these ass cakes are not getting any tighter with  my current regime of letting the seat i am roosting upon be the resistance.

-i have rediscovered the goodness of m street iced lattes. duuuuuude! m, you are my new fav alphabet letter. let's run away together....

-i am gonna continue this blog and figure out how to get that little box thingy that lets people follow. oh, you didn't know that shane nicknames me "super tech girl??" or simply "olsen" when i can't get technical equipment to work??
no i won't post outfits every day- that would be a real snooze fest but i will do other fun things...come on....drink the kool-aide!!