Friday, March 30, 2012

aloha friday

awesome things about my week:

-i get to go to watch maile at her band concert-this is awesome coz she's just cute.

-the hunger games is in the theaters and i'm going tomorrow night-so 'cited!

-i finally ordered my kids personalized stacking rings-call off the dogs- that's not reeeeally shopping people!

-i switched to geico. the lizard is just cuter than dennis haysbert. oh, and we saved $.

-tomorrow is fun neighbors party. we have awesome new neighbors like the kind that ring your doorbell on a rainy sunday morning and are holding a box of donuts. plus they went and had a cute baby whom we lovingly call "tiny". he isn't tiny. but he is yummy.

-my skirt flew up as i was getting into my car outside of a busy coffee shop-wonder why this would be awesome?? well, considering about 12 people on the street could have seen my "ass-ets" only 1 guy (who should have looked away a little sooner in my opinion) was actually looking. i consider those odds awesome

-remember that important meeting last week....GREAT news! can't share yet. i know-i'm bursting at the seams!

-my brother and i actually saw a dude today with a barry manilow hair cut-are you a fanilow?