Friday, March 16, 2012

aloha friday

awesome things about my week:

-it's aloha friday yo! (it's real-google it)

-i made it through 2 very important meetings and didn't puke-not even a gag.

-i get to see my girl erin and her lovely fam at my casa for a shackoa throwdown (between her fam and mine we roll 10 deep so it's kinda always a throwdown...)

-my hershey cinnamon chips came in the mail-that's right i buy hersheys chips on amazon you don't??

-i forced my lil keala to read hunger games and she is hooked. movie date!!-and i do expect a kiss at the end of the night!

-i've perfected my cajun voice which makes my kids belly laugh. if you've seen swamp people i am troy-troy is me.

-i found my brothers lost dog after searching the streets in his hood-he cried-he DOES have a heart!

-the house we staged sold in 1 day-1 day! (makes me wanna moonwalk)