Monday, August 20, 2012

girl ain't techie

i really have no business messing around on my blog, ya know, like trying to add technical things. when my 17 year old isn't home (damn, i have a 17 year old???) and i want to add something or "adjust" something i can sometimes get a false sense of my own abilities. i can sometimes tell myself, "oh, its easy, all the kids do it", and i log on and go into the interiors of my blog. i see templates, layouts, codes, boxes and i do stuff.

when i say i 'do stuff' i mean i mess stuff up.

i do not have that side of the brain. 
i have the side of the brain that makes stuff pretty and bakes cookies 
that will literally make you fall in love with me.

i can't set up blogs and "grab buttons" and code stuff! 
i took typing in high school not computers!
and by the way, saying 'grab my button" really gives this magical illusion that is like i will just sorta be popping in for a glass of lemonade then on my way out the door i will grab your button like a goody bag.
smoke and mirrors!!!!

every time i try to grab your little colorful ridiculously cute and perfectly color coordinated button to my blog it fails. it tells me i have an invalid link or some technical load of crap that is basically code for, "hey ya big dummy, why are you trying to do computer tech stuff when you know you're better at just baking a cake?!" 
i know! hurtful right?!

so, i will tell you about recently when i succeeded to not succeed.... again.

i completely believed that i could add the facebook comment section to my blog.
i know, i know, next thing ya know i will think i can fly and make wings out of tissue paper and spit. upside is at least you will know i am the dumb shit stuck in the tree with 2 broken legs and you wont have to wonder who it is. 

ok, so i log on and i get all sorts of confidence on my side and i start to add, cut, paste, pray, cry, all my usual basics. and bam! there it is.
i totally freaking did it.
i am thee most awesomest form of myself that i will probably ever be.
(basically, now is the time to be my friend.)
i hit my peak, everything else from here is downhill.
so, unfortunately i see that somehow i have indirectly managed to add this sign above my comments box that says "we love comments". cute, ok, i mean i do love comments so that's cool.
then today i started to look at the "we love comments" thingy and i started to feel a little....well...desperate. 

first, i do love comments but the heart in the "we love comments" is a jumbo heart.
it is red and it is in fact, quite jumbo.

it feels needy and i didn't even put it there (on purpose-coz you know even IF i tried i couldn't do it) and who is "we"? there is only me. its just my blog. there is no "we".
every time i see my big jumbo needy heart plea for you to leave me a comment i feel sort of embarrassed and i think i should change it but really, i have no business messing around on my blog, clearly. 
but i do heart your comments......jumbo time!