Monday, August 27, 2012

whose afraid of a lil old doll??

another estate sale find.
i swear i can go for-eva' without finding a thing but when i do it's awesome! well, i do realize that this is my awesome and many would never buy these but i had to- i just had to!

these marionette dolls were crafted by doris robbins a lady that use to create and work in the animation department for disney. here they laid for years in this old steamer trunk in her nieces attic with other old discarded dolls.

 i have no clue what the marionette dolls were for or if they were ever used but i just thought they were cool enough to come home with me......annnnd hang in a closet. 
my kids are terrified of these. 
i didn't even think of them as being scary. my kids aren't tiny anymore and i thought they would think they were cool. nope. even oatey the cat wasn't accepting them.

i was going to hang them on my walls in my living room but left them resting on my bookcase handles while i was working out my design details. during this time my kids really started to gripe telling us there was no way they could have them in the house. "they are creepy", they complained. aside from the clear case of rosacea on their cheeks, i don't find them creepy??

well, if i wasn't gonna get to display my cool vintage find then we were gonna have a little fun before retiring these dolls to the depths of the dark closet.

so, shane and i did what any good parent would do-we changed the dolls pose every so often throughout the day when my kids left the room. as they entered back through the room they would glance over and see the new pose and freak out.

now i know what you are thinking. we are cruel cruel parents that will someday have a hefty therapist bill but see my whole thought process was that they would get it and laugh and somehow see these dolls as just dolls.

plaster, wood, wire, paint.
it worked.
they laughed.
the dolls are in the closet.