Tuesday, August 7, 2012

i really should name my next born mac....

looky what i got for my birthday!

exciting huh??
i didnt even ask for it- i guess i didnt even know i wanted it, but i did and i do and i love it!! it was also very unexpected because there are 2 other macs in the house i could use.
oh who am i kidding? i did a little of my mental lady magic on the hawaiian husband and ta-da!!
oh, and almost 3 weeks early!!!!  dang i should teach a seminar!!!

oh, by the way my birthday is on the 22nd, ya know, in case you're takin' notes and markin' calendars and such.

here was the old laptop situation: shane and i shared a mac laptop which was a huge pain because he is a total laptop hog!!
oh sure, he will try to convince you otherwise but it's kinda one of those, "i know i hog the mac but i will try to put on these big brown eyes and glamour you into thinking that's really not the case" deals. by the way, don't trust a tall hot hawaiian with pretty eyes and strong arms, next thing you know you will have 3 kids and about 20 minutes a day with your laptop. real life.

so back to biz. "our" laptop was only about 3 years old but it had started to have issues with a hinge short when you opened the lid. sometimes the screen would appear and sometimes it wouldnt light up at all. if i am being honest here, it was truly the excitement of my day when it lit up first try. like, so exciting!

anyway, apparently my sighs and groans and rampant complaints about how life wasnt fair with a half ass working laptop finally paid off.
see, mr hawaiian husband man had bought himself a new mac a few months ago and so kindly handed me the gimp laptop with a sort of, 'look what you get to use whenever you want' flair to it. yes, this is a man of many looks we have on our hands here.
well, this prompted smart wife to give her best devil eyes and quickly surmise the above, apparently quite successful plan.

i would like to thank the academy.......