Tuesday, August 14, 2012

wahhh, i gotta start making school lunches again!!

here it is, the first day of school.

i got my sad face painted on.
we were given a very short summer this year but i am really trying to look at the
good and positives over here.

here's what i got:

-although it is august 14th which is dead summer to us-my littles will not only get out of school on may 31st but we will get a week off at thanksgiving leaving masses amount of time to make paper turkeys in the shapes of our hands. oh, i can hardly wait. blah.

-with my littles back in school i wont have to sit at work and wonder what they are eating for lunch. i am well aware that my littlest little probably dips popsicles in the sugar jar and calls it lunch.

-when my littles arrive home from school i will know that the dirt (and god knows what else) on their faces and/or hands came from school and its straight to the bathroom to wash up. 
this saves me a huge amount of time wondering where in my home have they tracked this mystery germiness.

-when that first sigh and whine of, 'im booooored' occurs i have a spectacular answer: "go do your homework and please don't tell me you have none".

-with them not getting home until 4pm. there is less time for "loaching."
loach is my made up word used solely for my middle little.
my definition of loach: a 14 year old that spends his days in the same clothes he sleeps in, laying on sofa with one leg on actual sofa and other leg either hanging off the side or lounged over the back end of sofa. this is a tricky position but trust that it can be done for hours, upon hours, upon hours........

-we live very close to a middle school so our cat will go back to his attention-whoring with all the school kids on the corner and quit being so needy at home. this is a real problem at our house but not as much of a problem as when the school calls and tells me my cat is at school (again) and won't leave.

-because it is a million degrees in the valley i didn't have to spend too much money on back to school clothes as they are wearing mostly shorts however, if you saw my staples receipt you will see that clearly, i have spent the money either way.......hmmm, maybe this does not belong on my positives list after all.....

-again, although it may feel like summer, look like summer, smell like summer and be 105 in the valley, we will start to train our brains to think fall.
this means no more nightly ice cream cones. basically yours truly's booty will start to shrink back to normal sizing and we will crinkle up our summer rules paper, throw it to the ground and probably spit on it for good measure. it's the only way to truly transition and not look back otherwise rules will be broken and we know i am NO rule breaker.... (insert the face of a huge liar).

I will miss our summer moments and don't even have anything poetic to wrap up with because i don't like summer being over. i know it sounds bratty but i don't like it.

i will miss our long summer walks full of discoveries

playing with good friends who know us better than anyone

visiting family that you love so dearly

doing things that we maybe weren't so sure of

froggy hunting
bbq's with a hawaiian bartender

signs on doors that alert your sisters you're kinda done with their hormonal craziness

our lunch dates

more bike rides than a mom can count

not pictured:

many melting ice cream cones
swimsuits a plenty
naps on the sofa, on the floor, in the car
dress up parties just because
flea market sundays
rollin 5 deep through airports