Friday, August 3, 2012

aloha friday (and my olympic obsession)

this week has been a blur.

i am sure it is because i have been up til midnight every night watching the olympics.
its been a brutal week of waking up at 7am and sleepwalking my way through the day until i get home from work and plant myself in front of the tv again for another 6 hour olympic run.

i feel like i am still catching up on my sleep from the winter olympics two years ago!
lemme tell ya that cute lil apolo ohno can keep a girl up for hours!
what??? oh, get your spandex outta the gutter-you're just disgusting!

oh, and can ya just believe the usa girls gymnastics team?!
check our girls! flippin, and kickin' and stickin it USA style!!

okay, so along with our americans kicking ass in london this is shaping up to be a week full of aloha.

-if you watch big brother you are just that much cooler and you know that the coaches have just joined the playas-yay! this will make this season of bb not suck so much- the whole player/coach thing was boooooring. if you aren't cool and don't watch bb- this is an awkward moment and i will just quickly move on here and spare you any more un-coolness.

-tomorrow is lash day. aloha for my lashes just doesn't need further explanation.

-sunday we are planning on catching the michael jackson tribute concert in the park with some friends for their daughters birthday. MJ and frosting? how awesome did my week-end just get?? now, to bring the sparkly glove or not?

-we all have our red, white and blue on at work today in support for the USA in the olympics! unplanned but we look damn cute.

-just rsvp'd for a laguna day trip with the fabulous company KRAVET. although this is a "work" event how do you not play a little in laguna?

-have a fabulous friday and don't forget to rock that aloha and maybe pass it on......