Thursday, August 16, 2012

cell phone children

i was recently at a birthday party when i had a mom ask me if my 12 year old reallllly had a cell phone.

it was a question that had the attached accusatory tone of, "oh my gawd, you are a sucky mom coz you have handed your child her very own cell phone (gasp), a toxic, evil device that can ruin her for life and make her a social mute. it will probably explode in her hands and i am wondering why you are so lame as to hand this tiny innocent child a device that should only be in the hands of a responsible adult".

yea, i know. that tone. the tone i dont do so well with.

clearly you could see my 12 year old across the room, cell phone in hand, taking photos of the birthday boy with it.
was this a trick question?? i was tempted to answer and say, "why no, of course she doesn't", just to mess with her. i would then just deny it was even in my daughters hand slowly making party mom crazy and believe that she was seeing things. i mean, how else do you entertain yourself at a kids party?!

ok, so this is how i really handled it which i think you will agree is MUCH more mature of me.

me: "yep, she sure does". then, because i am me, i added, "and its an iphone4."
her: "uh, really" ?
(ok, why is she asking again???- now this is just her asking it again so she can drive home how wrong she thinks this is and how much i suck).
me: "she has had a cell since she was in 4th grade".  blink. blink. (now i am just having fun)
her: she put on her biggest wide eyes and gave the whole, whoa, wow i think you're a mess look.
me: grin

its not like the cell phone came attached with a pack of cigarettes and a shot of whiskey.
it came with a side of safety, and a side of comfort knowing you can always get to me or your dad if you should need us and vice-versa.

here is my thing on cell phones. it may not be your thing and that is okay.

i actually do not believe every young child needs a cell phone.
the child that starts a new school that is a 45 minute bus ride away, that she takes alone, without her 2 older siblings, as a 4th grader, needs a cell phone.
mom and dad need her to have a cell phone.

oh, and it's nunyobiz!

i also let my kid wear dangerous 4" heels too! well, not really but a girls gotta learn sometime- might as well be in the safety of her own home right under my superior supervision dontchathink?