Saturday, August 18, 2012

tissue paper votives

this was really fun and ended up being so pretty.
i thought my girls would love to do this but when i gathered all the materials
and asked them if they wanted to craft with me they both gave "the face".

so, i started on my own...i know my girls...they would come around soon. i mean, i have pink tissue paper and doilies ova' here!!!

what you need :

-glass jars with a smooth area the same size or larger of your doilie. i actually bought glass tumblers that were about 4" tall. my doilies were almost 4" in diameter so it worked out perfectly.

-colored tissue paper and/or white. we ended up using the white which turned out to look like frosted or etched glass.

-paper doilies

-food coloring. you will make a shallow "color bath" by putting about 1 1/2 cups of water and adding as much food coloring as you'd like until you have a good color. i added about 20 drops of food coloring to my green bath.

-mod podge or glue

place your doilie in your color bath. i let mine sit for maybe 5 minutes.

while your doilie is soaking, coat your glass with mod podge or glue. cut a strip of tissue paper about a 1/4" larger than your glass to wrap over the top of the glass opening and 1/4' to wrap under the bottom of the glass.
while placing the tissue paper be careful that it doesn't tear as once it hits the glue it becomes very soft and rips easily.
mod podge over the top of the tissue.

then scoot on over and put the supplies in the middle of the table for all to share. well, this is what i did because i suddenly had 2 girls asking if they could make one.....mmmmhhhmmm.

once you have your desired color take your doilie out and set it on a paper towel and dab lightly to soak up any extra liquid.
mod podge or glue the back of the doilie.

place doilie on the glass then modge podge over the top of it to seal it on.

keala's votive is on the right. she found a sparkly 'k' sticker in the craft closet and placed it in the center of her doilie. shocker huh???
maile's votive is on the left and mine is in the back.

after my doilie dried i decided to experiment. i wanted to see if i could paint food coloring directly over the freshly mod podged doilie and make a sort of tie dye effect. it worked. i really like how mine turned out.

we all can't wait to make more of these!!

i want to do a brighter set for our outside table to compliment my garden flowers. i'm thinking orange tissue paper with pink doilies or purple tissue and green doilies! 
oh the possibilities are endless!!!