Thursday, August 9, 2012

random thursday

i've admitted it before-i kind of suck at being a girl. i'm not a tomboy and i clean up ok i just am not the best at being a girl.

i don't wear make up most days, if i leave the house in heels you can bet they are off and i am barefoot by noon, i will go 4 or 5 days without washing my hair (yes, i shower), need i go on or did i paint a good enough picture here at my lamo girly-ness??

i got all excited to go on over to random thursdays and link up with them until i saw the topic.
favorite beauty products.
hmmm......i could talk about my blush but i really just use whatever is in my make up bag-or not.
i could discuss the foundation that i forget to use almost every day. shoot, that's not good.
oh, i thought i could share the good facial care system i got while under the influence in las vegas but then i felt ashamed that i spent what i did on it and decided i cant reveal that misdemeanor.
i was getting nowhere fast as you can see.

just when i thought about bailing on this weeks link and posting a photo of my new bracelet (yep, that will excite y'all huh?) i realized i totally have a favorite beauty product!!
well, i am not sure it falls under "beauty" so much but i do use it everyday and it does help me look a little more like beauty and less like beast-ya know what i mean?

so i dont have lots of items but i have this item and it's hugely important!!

baby powder. its my staple.

i use it every day in my hair. this is what lets me move about in my everyday laziness and look like i spent hair time in the bathroom- but its all a facade.
i just shake a little on my hairbrush and brush it through my scalp-mostly my temples.
my hair smells awesome and it soaks up any natural oil in your hair and you look all fresh.
it doesn't really work as well on brunettes but works awesome on blondes and waaaay better than any dry shampoo on the market, oh and 1 bottle will last you like almost 47 years so what is that a penny a month?!

so there it is. how i keep myself downright gorgeous. you wanna try it don't you?