Monday, September 3, 2012

what my phone saw this week

it's been awhile.
not that my phone hasn't been nosin' around town capturing peoples lives and unfortunate events, such as the kid who apparently never ate lunch friday, but ya know, we've been busy her and i. 

he told his mom he didn't like pb&j for the last time! check out that oxidized heart on the back of the sign!

 bday message i got from the bestie. she is super sweet and humble. oh, and im STILL younger today! booya!

if anyone can explain this microwaveable dick in a can, i am all ears...

apparently batman doesn't hang out in the bat cave all day. he works at ralph's grocery store-in the seafood dept.

fallen tree in the neighborhood. i blame it on termites

this is a dude walking a pig. i asked shane again if i can get a pot belly pig. its still no, but i don't give up easily. plus last night i had a dream i had a pig.

if you can figure these directions from china out, lemme know. a bubble machine is depending on it.

i like that darth keeps up on l.a. weekly. us magazine should use this photo in their "celebrities just like us" section.