Monday, September 17, 2012

little free library

have you seen any of these little libraries in your neighborhood?

in the beginning of summer i was on a walk with two of my kids and we saw this cute box built like a house from afar. i thought it was some sort of decorative yard art or large mailbox until we approached a little closer and i saw a whole set up complete with benches. 
it was a tiny library!
 the books inside were free and the sign read,
 "take a book or bring a book or both".

ok, so, as a reader, this was jackpot city for me!
i couldn't believe this completely cool concept. my son and i went online to and realized it's a whole movement!

an idea born in wisconsin, a mission to promote literacy (hope they don't see my blog and shudder at the lack of capitalization's and bad grammar-oops) and love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide.
their goal is to build more than 2510 free libraries around the world-more than andrew carnegie!
they currently have them in more than 40 states and 20 countries. it's pretty darn genius!
and ya really can't steal a free book but it's all on the honor system.
take a book, leave a book.

  little library #1

The very first little library was built in the memory of june a. bol. it sits in the front yard of a home above the st. croix river in hudson, wisconsin. as you can see it was meant to look like a one-room schoolhouse. it's full of books about gardening and community life. not a drop of water has trickled inside....but books have come and gone since it's first week on the river.

we did take 1 book with us and quickly walked home to gather up all our old loved books that we could share. here is our pile ready for donation.

check out a few of these free libraries around the country:

new orleans

los angeles
cleveland, ohio
missoula, montana
happy monday!