Monday, September 24, 2012

not a fan of the cake pop, but i tried...

i'm a pretty good baker. i'm just gonna go ahead and toot that horn for a minute.

i by no means should have a baking blog-have you seen those? they blow anything i can do right outta the kitchen!

i'm not so sure about my first try at cake pops.
i've never had a cake pop before so maybe this is how they are? if they are, i don't like them.
bummer too coz they are such a great invention.
very smart! oh, and the variety you can make from the batter to the chocolate to the decoration, smart.

my pops looked really pretty and my kids loved them (unfortunately that's not a very tough crowd...) but i really didn't.
i don't think my hawaiian liked them either-although he wouldn't ever tell, he is smart, like a cake pop!

i found a site that gave simple directions:

bake a cake.
let cake cool.
crumble cake in bowl.
add a tub of frosting (i only added half)
form into your shape
add stick by using melted chocolate
refrigerate for 30 minutes
dip pop in melted chocolate

time consuming, but easy.

here's what i didn't like about my pops. the centers were so creamy that i think it only needed maybe a quarter of the tub of frosting.
i have a secret i do that makes the cake super moist and maybe if i hadn't done that then the cake would have needed more frosting- but a whole tub? i don't think so. i checked a few sites and most said they use a whole tub so it's pretty possible that's just a cake pop, therefore, i'm not a fan of the pop.
if it was more "cake like" i would probably love them, and then we'd have a whole notha problem up in here!!

i will alter this cake pop biz a bit and see what i can do because they are pretty dang cute, i hate to give up on them just yet!

the heart was my fav

why? coz they kicked some butt this week and they needed it from last week

pink sparklies

cupcake pop

don't use the edible pens-they don't work as you can see....

i wish my photos were brighter but here they are in all their cake pop glory!