Thursday, September 6, 2012

local sugar hawaii giveaway!

i'm excited! i have never done a giveaway.

wasn't even sure exactly how it worked. you know how i am basically known in the blog hood as tech master k an naturally i got a little help with coding and such.

lemme tell you when one of the sweetest most uplifting voices in the land of blog opens up a new etsy shop and plans a giveaway how do you not pull up your big girl tech panties and just do whatever you can to help support??!

i believe in nicole's cause and love her product and absolutely know all my friends will too, besides,
we can all use a little local C&H so go ahead, enter the giveaway and taste the sugar!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

all accessories in the {funk}e line have been created by t-shirts purchased from local charities, the cardboard used in the labels is recycled through a collaboration with her local costco in hawaii. to top it all off a portion of the sales goes right back into her community through programs like 1% for the planet.

i just purchased this royal blue infinity scarf and can't wait to wear it! not only do you get a chance to win this very same scarf but also any item of choice in her shop!!!

if you would like to go make a purchase of your own nicole is offering all my viewers an exclusive 10% off  code. just enter KENDRAKAY10 at checkout and take advantage of this deal the entire month of september.

in my opinion the prices are pretty darn great.
purchasing an item not only means you get to rock a super cute custom made accessory but you have also been a part of the upcycle process and have given back in your own way. sweet right?

oh, and check out that little turquoise dangle on the scarf!!!
go on now, i'm crossing my fingers you will be the big winner!!! i'm feelin' it!