Friday, September 14, 2012

aloha friday and my month on instagram

can't tell ya how much i need this aloha friday.
its been a heckuva week and i am so ready for a lil aloha!

do something good with your day and spread your aloha!

my month on instagram......
new meaning to "hair bow"
why you ask? why not?!
front porch kinda afternoon
found on the floor by my computer. think its important?

what we do when its 103 degrees
lotus chandelier in the afternoon sun
hollywood tourists. taking their photos-it confuses them...
nervous little girl about to get a shot
because the dawgs need all the help in the world
new scarf from a new friend

wishin' hard

never enough time
lil mama after her goal
bouncing ponies
look! an aloha leaf!
wasn't me
unexpected aloha from a sweet friend

lovely friend
done lots of this all month
try it-it's comfy
what? you dont eat basil for breakfast?
makin pretty pottery in laguna

it's a sunny kinda rain

have a great day and week-end!!