Thursday, September 13, 2012

part time jewish mama

if you don't have one-go out and get one.

i went to my client steffi's house the other day and checkie the sweet little breakfast tray she put together for me. darn she's cute! 

steffi (with 2 f's she always says) is always asking how i am feeling. she looks deep into my eyes tilting her head forward and to the side and gives me the, "kendra, are you working too hard, you taking breaks?" question with a side of mom look (you know the look) that really says "i will see right through you so tell me the truth". I always spend about 3 minutes assuring her that i am busy and crazy but yes i am taking breaks and it's all good. i have quickly learned the "it's all good" answer doesn't really fly with a jewish mama either. i woulda never made it through the teen years in steffi's house.

when i saw this tray of food (one i was sure would be sitting right on the edge of her kitchen counter) i smiled. "steffi, you know you don't have to do all this", to which she swats the air with her hand and answers, "oh, if i don't feed you who will??" I smile and remind her i am in my 30's and i really will eat. i promise. i eat. i thank her and make myself a little plate. 

without fail, after our meeting steffi shoves a prepared bag full of extra's in my hand -i guess for the 20 minute drive back to my showroom. i have to say it's nice to be fussed over...part time.