Tuesday, September 4, 2012

dear fall.....

hey there.
so, i guess you are here regardless of how little i want you.
it's not you, its definitely me.

summer stole my heart years ago while i was a little girl growing up outside of seattle. see summer (well, most of summer) held sun. its that simple. it gave soft sun and sparkly waters to your cloudy, dark, gloomy days spattered with rain, rain oh and guess what? more rain. sweet summer gave us bbq's outside, days in the park wearing shorts and tank tops with the promise that we can go ahead and plan that outdoor event and it will hold all the rain in a jar.

now i live in southern cal and i still can't see that calendar turn to september without thinking, "ugggh, why are you here already!". you take my kids back to school, you bring darkness in the early evening hours and you make me chilly. yes, i feel chilly in 65 degree weather, another gift summer gave to me.

so since you are stubbornly sticking around (who stays where they aren't welcome anyway?) then i suppose i will deal with you.
i try to always be positive and look for the good so i have complied a list that i hope to god will make me feel better about you and the way you have barged in on me and summertime as if you are so much more important. nerve.

#1. i do appreciate that soon i can wear cute chunky cardigans and sweaters.

one o' each please

#2. boots. this girl does love a good pair of boots.

#3. im into pumpkin foods. so i'll give ya that.

#4. soccer. ok, ya got me there too.

thats my lil blonde jumpin jack

#5. my annual cookie party is coming up and that's always a good time. can't really make holiday cookies in july so ya get a point here too.

#6. i will be swapping out my scentsy smells. paradise pineapple will soon be apple press. i would rather smell the scent of pineapple but i guess apple ain't such a bad scent.

#7. im a university of washington husky fan. so football being on tv will help deep-six you from being the bane of my existence right now.
thats my hawaiian husky

#8. gingerbread lattes aint so bad. might as well hand that one to you as well.

#9. baths. ok, its not as relaxing to take a bath in summer. i can marinate in bubbles for a good hour in the fall.
                         (no bath photo of me- that would be awkward)

#10. pumpkin carving. im giving you this ONLY because i like the end result. i do not love actually carving these with the kids only coz i am oh so sure someones gonna cut a finger straight off and i will have to carry it in an icebag to the hospital.

check out that cute baby la la (keala 5 months old)

sorry to end on such a morbid note. told ya i don't like ya much......