Friday, September 7, 2012

aloha friday

you know what to do!
grab a lei and fasten your coconut cup bra coz we gots aloha'in to do!

tomorrow is my littlest little's first soccer game of the season. im promising myself that i will cheer quietly this year and stay in my seat. mama gets a lil ' hoping there won't be any cleats to the face like last season.

its also football season. the dawgs are playing saturday, gonna go hang with some good friends and watch them win. please keep fingers crossed for our u.w. huskies.

im hosting my first giveaway for local sugar hawaii which started yesterday. one of my favorite bloggers opened up an etsy shop and is giving a super generous gift of an infinity scarf plus an item of your choice up to $75 bucks. you should probably go sign up-it's freeeeeeeee!

this week went by really fast- probably because i was insanely busy and lost my mind a few times but whateva makes the week fly right?

i hosted a live radio show with my brother yesterday. our guest was the adorable and talented gregory metcalf. i just loves him. if you wanna listen to it you can find it here:
radio show

i got past the ice world on mario bros playing with 2 of the littles. of course this made the list.
have you ever played that game? have you played in the ice world? you slip and slide and fall into the icy waters and the jingle bell music slowly makes you mad. completing this is aloha worthy for dang sure!