Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the one where i complain about how much i don't like packing lunches

my least favorite thing about kids being in school is waking them so early. they all wake up very easily (thankfully) but this means i am up too. but a very close 2nd is the packing of the lunches.

i do this the night prior because i am too busy tapping my veins for my coffee drip at 5:45 am. to try to remember who likes what this week.

typical convo with my biggest little:

b.l.: (walks in kitchen looks at lunch.) ugghhh. moooooom. i don't like these crackers anymore.
me: oh, but you just asked me to buy them on sunday.
b.l.: that was 3 days ago. im sick of them already.
me: hmmm, well, uh, okay. i mean, i bought a box of 50 at costco soooo. ok, well maybe someone will want 47 peanut butter cracker packs.......
b.l.: well you should check with me everyday.
me: okay, i will try to do that. can you remind me? if you dont remind me you will probably get what you don't want.
b.l.: uggghhh, pshhht, how am i gonna remember to remind you this every day. i'm sure mom!
me: uggghhh, pshht, how am i gonna remember what you like and dont like every day? i'm sure keala!
b.l.: blink
me: blink (i'm really good at stand-offs)
b.l.: walks out of kitchen
me: put crackers back in lunch bag

littlest little enters the kitchen.

l.l: hi mommy.
me: hi moo
l.l.: (picks up granola bar) i don't like these anymore.
me: ....................................