Friday, September 21, 2012

aloha friday singin' in my ear

hey hey hey!

man, i love me some aloha friday!
lots to be thankful for.

-thankful my littlest little didn't actually throw up while playing her soccer game in 108 degrees. the gagging got real there for a minute.

-thankful that littlest little also scored another goal and that her coach encourages her to take chances.

can ya tell which one belongs to me???

-thankful that monday was a school free day where everyone got to catch up on a little extra (much needed) sleep.

-thankful the dawgs made a big win last game, hoping they can do it again tomorrow.

-thankful that tomorrow is lash day.

-thankful for creative neighbors and the laughs they give me.

-thankful my son said the magic words:  mom. can. i. get. a. haircut.

-lastly, tomorrow is national ice cream cone day. important info for sure!

what are you thankful for today?
have a great aloha friday!!!