Thursday, September 20, 2012

fall favorites swap

i have whined enough about not wanting fall to be here but after watching my littlest little play soccer in 108 degrees on saturday (honestly, could ya call the game? poor little girlies out there!) i am officially ready. someone, somewhere, is sounding a horn-i am just sure of it!

oh, and ya know who helped change my mind? vicki, from my vicki licious life!
yep, that girl right there!

i participated (such an official word!) in a fall swap and received the funnest package all the way from new york! it almost made me feel as if i had been there (shhhh, don't tell anyone that i am the last person in the world to have not been to new york-it would embarrass me greatly) actually, it almost made me feel like vicki knew me.

check out this scarf she sent me! so me! love the bohemian feel and blue is always a fav!

someone (not naming names) could use a hair appointment...

i love the 2 nail polish colors and the lip gloss is perfect for me!

it's really been quite fun to get involved in these swaps. i sent a fall package to chloe over at clovermarie214 and i'm really happy to have added two new blog friends (both with really great blogs by the way) to my day.
thanks girls! happy fall!