Monday, May 20, 2013

hello monday

hello to these little dirty slippahs found in the back of my suburban.

the little feet these belong on is back in Washington-come back soon little feet, we miss you guys and want you to visit more!

 hello new welcome mat. this must mean you are all officially welcome to come on over.

hello new studded iphone case my daughter made. and because i fell in love with this color of pink i went and had my nails shellac'ed to match ya.

hello new pink nails- see, i wasn't kidding...

hello to my work week, successful meetings and working with the bro.

hello tv room dance party. we had a great time saturday night and know there will be many more.
hello knee pads, we had no idea that you were a very necessary accessory to our dance party.

hello shadow. so glad you have decided to follow me out from soccer practice. i remember not that long ago it was dark at 7pm.
might as well take this moment to say hello to the sun for hanging out later everyday, it means a whole lot to me to feel your warmth and shine and know we won't be walking in the dark.

hello week! let's work this out okay?
you 're good to me, i'm good to you and it's all good for everyone.
i can sure dance to that!

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