Friday, July 20, 2012

lately i'm a fizzler-i own that

it's actually quite bad. aloha friday rolls around and i'm your girl!
i'm excited, i'm makin' week-end plans, gonna get stuff done and then all the sudden it happens. i fizzle.

i don't know what it is but when i wake up saturday i make my coffee and then i sit down to sort of think about all the things i am planning (actually it's my escape i'm planning) whether it's tackling a closet clean out, baking a new recipe, or here's a huge "fizzle fast kendra plan"-taking a hike. all these things sound so darn great on friday but let's face it everything sounds good on aloha friday.

you could be like, "yo kp, wanna hike 6 miles, hit the dentist office, go renew our licences down at the DMV then maybe end the day with cleaning out that drawer in your kitchen where you try to stuff as much crap as you can into it?" and in the midst of my aloha friday dance i would say, "uh, hecks yeah, yeah, yeah, i'm so down. i mean shoot, let's wake up at 4am, run a few miles and drink a nasty green shake while we are at it?" (i actually love green shakes at this point but not the ones with kale-or garlic, i actually had one with garlic-gag.)


things just sound GREAT on friday. but, then saturday rolls out her cushy little non schedule bearing day-she shows me a cute little blonde girl on my sofa looking all morning cute and sends me over to snuggle. saturday also reminds me of how great the invention of yoga pants are and that i can just leave them on all day long, ya know, if i really want to and i don't even have to actually go to class. (shhhhhh). saturday also takes me to my kitchen and shows me how clean it is and says, "i mean, you can mess it up if you wanna but you'll just have to clean it (this part isn't true coz saturday knows shane cleans- not me- but i admire her selling tactics nonetheless) and then saturday sends me to my room and literally, get this, literally places my kindle in my lap. saturday then reminds me of my completely rad vanilla/amber bubble bath and sends me on in to marinate in my tub. 

 look at him stealing my spot!!

pretty soon all my inhibitions are gone. pretty soon its 4pm. pretty soon i realize i have wasted my day. on me.

she's a pushy girl that saturday but i loves a girl that knows what she I want.......