Monday, July 16, 2012

what my phone saw- mexico edition

looking through my phone today i have all kinds of photos from mexico that my phone took. 

she loved mexico! she was a little scared in puerto vallarta when she thought her owners husband was gonna get his nike's stolen (off his feet, by a local) but otha' than that she saw some fun stuff!!

it was actually a mexican cruise??? (shrug) i wont tell the aloha lei police....

tiniest baby crab ever. found this in a dish i bought. poor thing must have crawled across the street from the ocean into this store and got stuck in this bowl. he was the size of a pomegranite seed.

so they make towel animals on your bed when you leave your cruise cabin at night. this was it was waiting...i made shane disassemble it right away!

coz who wants to eat sad food? oh, and the sign below seems to be trying to convince us that yes indeed, it IS happy food. im suspicious!

i'm big in mexico. i knew it would spread.....hugs!!!

who puts a disco ball on their balcony? someone funky that's who! i wish i knew them.

this is mollyes beach bag. the girl knows the essentials. afro wig. check. itch cream. check. schedule of cruise events. check. she is a walking par-tay!

i can only share these 7 photos from the phone.
she tends to take inappropriate photos. we had to have a talk about it.