Wednesday, July 4, 2012

let there be fireworks

initially my family was gonna have a very quiet stay at home 4th of july this year. this would be very different from any 4th we have ever celebrated but after coming home from a big vacation we welcomed the thought of lounging around the house, eating whenever and whatever with the possibility of maybe napping here or there.

everything changed when my good friend erin said, "hey, come over, let's swim, let's bbq, let's have fun."
she had me at 'hey'.
i'm easy.

so as i am generally crowned the 'dessert girl' (and i wear a crown well) i went to work making 4 dozen of the famous mini s'mores that always make their appearance right around this time of year.
i could probably just eat these all day.
i have been known.
i don't even feel shameful.
they are that good. <shrug>

as we celebrate with friends, eat, drink, swim, dance in a parking lot with strangers (it was maybe once or twice!) get sunburned, laugh, hug, love and cheer remember the true meaning of the day (oh no, here she goes, getting all 'mom" on us, trying to teach us again) and what it means to our great country.

the 4th of july is a celebration of our independence-the day the 13 colonies took legal separation from the kingdom of great britain.

well, actually that occurred on the 2nd and a team of 5 (john adams, thomas jefferson, benjamin frankin, roger sherman, and robert livingston) revised, approved and signed the declaration of independence on the 4th of july.
many historians believed it was signed almost a month later in august but what do they know?
i'm goin with what those 5 guys said. i think at this point-that's the safe bet.

okay, so a few cool facts then i'm out:

-adams and jefferson the only 2 other signers of the declaration of independence that went on to be presidents both died on the same day- july 4th, 1926. that was the 50th anniversary of the declaration. strange huh?
-i will be dancing in a parking lot later with fireworks over my head most likely to the tune of "baby you're a firework",by katy perry.

now go on with yo bad selves and 4th it up!
wait, take one of these with you too!