Friday, July 13, 2012

aloha friday

hey, hey, hey!

i spent the better part of this week feeling sorry for myself coz after 7 days (6 of which i have had NO voice) i still have this nasty cold.
aloha friday is not meant for whining so the gloves are comin' off and im kickin some germ butt!!

-i got a few nice emails from some awesome bloggers. when people go out of their way to be kind i wanna just kiss them. i wont do it now because i am sick but just you wait....its coming....

-big brother season 14 started last night. i have a feeling i will be talking about bb14 way more than one should. you will get annoyed. i wont apologize because this is my favorite show eva' and i wait alllll year long!

-shane is learning snoop doggs 'gin and juice' on his ukulele-im gonna rock that number just so you know....

-we got a surprise package from family. it had some of the best teriyaki sauce ever in it. it comes from shanes uncle kays restaurant and it makes all other teriyaki sauce taste like cardboard. if you're ever in vancouver washington you'd be a complete dummy not to stop in to 'jett burger cafe'. it's the bomb and you can either listen to me on this or go through your life completely lost because you never tried it..... thank you duke and lori!

-i met a new friend, his name is nyquil. he promised me sleep without coughing. i wish i would have met him days ago but regardless we have become fast friends and he has not let me down since wednesday.

-my girls and i saw the katy perry movie. run dont walk and go see this movie!
 if you are not even a fan or feel kinda 'meh' about her you will leave the theater loving this girl. take some tissues. this girl is genuine and loyal and strong and my favorite, she is weird. 
oh, go see the 3d version so you can smuggle the cute 3d katy perry glasses out of the theater when you leave.

because this week was slim pickins on awesome stuff im gonna go work on my 'tude and kickin this germ outta my body. i will be leaving you with a video of my littlest of littles.
this is how i feel most days-it brings new meaning to '3 ring circus' but for her its fun and she practiced until she could do it. i have decided not to tell her that once she has a family she will be doing this trick in her sleep....effortlessly.